Welcome to the NMA blog! We are a non-profit located in San Diego, California working to empower family-owned businesses through networking opportunities, advocacy in government relations, and community outreach.

The importance of community…

Community is one of the biggest drivers of change. We may not be able to achieve much by ourselves, but with the collective power of community, the possibilities are limitless. In our posts, you’ll be able to witness the power our community holds. Many of our members came from different countries where hard work, dedication, and sacrifices were needed in order to thrive. Other members may still be struggling with vast hardships in life. This is what the NMA hopes to highlight, that in the face of adversity, community will be here to uplift us! We hope to provide a spotlight for members to share their own unique stories, and hopefully, it may inspire others to see the similarities we have in each other.

Why did we decide to start a blog?

The NMA hopes to be able to personalize the experience of our members and create an avenue in which the community can feel connected to each other. Our blogposts will highlight important legislative updates, document our wonderful events, showcase our members, and provide a way for our community to visualize exactly what the NMA does and stands for. Without our members, we would not be able to do the work we do today.