The NMA and industry leaders are urging you to VOTE ‘NO’ on Prop 31 on Tuesday, November 8th 2022. This is critical for our members’ businesses as it influences the sale of many tobacco products. We need your help to spread the word to employees, customers, family, and friends.

In 2020, the state of California passed Senate Bill 793, which enabled a statewide flavor ban on all tobacco and nicotine products, with the exclusion of premium cigars, pipe tobacco, and certain shisha products. The bill was put on hold due to a referendum challenge by the California Coalition for Fairness in late 2020. Because of this, the enactment SB 793 has been delayed for two years and now requires the vote of the people of California to be upheld.

Now, industry leaders under the Californians Against Prohibition PAC are fighting to repeal SB 793 with Proposition 31. A ‘NO’ vote on Proposition 31 will repeal SB 793, and keep the sale of flavored tobacco legal in the state of California. If not, many retailer businesses selling these products will be greatly hurt.

We strongly encourage everyone to take action by posting signage and asking your customers to VOTE ‘NO’ on Prop 31 as well. More details on this will be coming soon. Contact the NMA office with any questions.