The Neighborhood Market Association understands the fundamental role that education plays in the growth of our community. With this in mind, we offer scholarship opportunities for members of our youth involved in some capacity with the NMA. The youth serve as building blocks for our future. They are our prospective members, employees, employers, and leaders. This is why we do not consider the NMA Scholarship as simply an act of aid, but of investment.

We personally select all of our recipients by their personal achievements, and the potential for them to show some level of return after their time in college. This scholarship arose out of need. Currently, the cost of college is at incredibly high levels. It has become harder than ever for the typical parents and/or student to pay for school without incurring massive debt. The NMA Scholarship is our realization of the fact that there are potential students who may never see a university, not because of academics, but because of cost. This scholarship works to help ease the burden on our students and parents so that they can afford the education they deserve. To learn more about our scholarship offered please contact the NMA office.