Retailer Membership

Retailer members are the foundation of this credible association since its inception. Four pillars, which NMA serves, protect and help its retailer members increase their profit and stay in compliance are:


Buying Power Group

NMA has established the Buying Power Group to leverage the collective buying power of its members, to negotiate exclusive discounted rates on products and services.

The NMA works tirelessly on developing personalized programs with suppliers that assist members in saving money and strengthening their competitiveness against the big chains.

NMA has been recognized as one of the top buying groups for the money saving programs our members participate in. NMA sets itself apart by working very closely with our members and suppliers to create exclusive money saving programs that will mutually benefit everyone involved. NMA urges its members to take advantage of the money saving programs by signing the BUYING POWER GROUP AGREEMENT AND AUTHORIZATION form.


Members Education and Compliance

Protecting our members is of utmost concern to the NMA Executive Board and staff. NMA grants its members with the necessary signage and tools required by law to operate their businesses in compliance. NMA strives to provide relevant and timely information, the tools and resources to ensure all of our members are fully compliant in law and code. We also provide FREE ABC Lead Training in our offices exclusively for our members. In addition, we offer Anti-Money Laundering Plan and Policy Manual at deeply discounted rate for those who cash checks, sell money orders, and wire money.

We recognize the type of hostile environment NMA members are exposed to through the high level of frivolous lawsuits affecting our industry. Because of this, we have partnered with multiple architectural and law firms to ensure that each of our members is in compliance. We also offer ADA Compliance check list to assist NMA members and prevent any baseless lawsuit from being filled in the first place.


Networking Events and Recognition

NMA events provide great opportunities for retailers, suppliers, government officials and community members to become better acquainted. These events strengthen the vital connections between our industry and the community at large. Events such as the Buying Trade Show, Golf Tournament and Holiday Trade Shows always prove to be a great platform for our retailers collectively, coming together under the same roof enjoying discounted pricing on products and services and prosperous relationship with their suppliers.

Our Annual Banquet and Awards Recognition is a reminder of the accomplishments made throughout the year, and a chance to hear from some of our top retailers, suppliers and influential members in the local, state and federal government. Our NMA sponsored events testify to the relationships and outreach we build and provide to our members.


Government and Community Relations:

Closely working with government representatives, NMA defends and supports the interests of its members by advocating at the local, state, and federal level. NMA actively provides seminars to enhance the knowledge of its members and tools to run their businesses to comply with state and federal laws. NMA also outreach in various forms to local communities surrounding members’ businesses to bring the businesses and communities together. 

Retailer Membership Registration Form