Every family deserves a future! Save the date for October 14th, 2022 for Hope for Iraqi Christians’ 6th Annual Hope Fundraising Dinner. This event is a night full of fine food and drinks, with opportunities to socialize and learn about the most pressing events affecting Iraqi villages.

Participants will have a chance to buy a table or be a sponsor to support these communities. Sponsors will receive recognition on brochures, website support pages, and the photobooth background. Additionally, there will be an announcement at the end of the evening, recognizing the support of sponsors.

Hope for Iraqi Christians is a non-profit based in El Cajon that aims to provide humanitarian relief to Iraqi Christian refugees. Thousands of Iraqi Christian families lack adequate food, shelter, and other basic necessities. Through the help of businesses and other communities, Hope for Iraqi Christians can create a powerful and positive impact for Iraqi Christians who have been persecuted.

The NMA proudly supports organizations like Hope for Iraqi Christians as these communities continue to assemble and aid the most vulnerable communities.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to call Samir Salem at (619) 454-4488 or visit their website: https://www.hopeforiraqichristians.org.