Government Relations:

The good of America as a whole cannot be met without the good of our Family-Owned Businesses being recognized and protected.

NMA believes in protecting and serving the interests of our members through proactive relations with government representatives on a local, state, and federal level. The association works very hard to protect the interests of Family-Owned Businesses as they face the daily challenges of keeping up with the ever changing government regulations. NMA stands by and for our members by supporting legislation that benefits our members. At the same time, we vigorously oppose legislation that have an adverse effect on our members and their industries.

NMA strongly believes in the role of Family-Owned Businesses as the building blocks of the American economy, providing enormous number of jobs to the locals. The association understands the difficulty that comes along owning small businesses and dedicate all resources needed to help ensure government legislature protects our members and their communities.

NMA succeeds in promoting and protecting the interests of its members through NMA’s Government Relations Program. NMA’s staff work diligently with government representatives to ensure that the legislature and elected officials keep our members interests in mind when enacting measures.

NMA partners with professional advocacy and lobbying groups to analyze, monitor and sponsor relevant legislation. As information regarding key issues becomes available, we immediately notify our members and ask for their active involvement. Join us to continue to strengthen our position in these endeavors and collectively become the VOICE of our retailers and suppliers.

For more information on the Neighborhood Market Association’s legislative activities, or to become involved, please contact the NMA office at 619-313-4400 or email us at


Community Relations:

NMA takes pride in our members and the positive impact they have within the community. It is of paramount importance for this organization to make sure that our members have an understanding of the issues facing our businesses. The NMA work does not stop at our members’ stores. We provide outreach in various forms to local communities surrounding members businesses.

NMA partners with other groups and non-profits, donate and participate in many walks, luncheons, fund raising events and programs throughout the community. We also provide our members with the most pertinent of information through emails, phone calls, and organization sponsored events.

Our website is the largest facilitator of the disbursement of information as we regularly update it with the newest information on our members, recalls, ABC laws and requirements. Our trimester magazine is sent to every one of our members as well as suppliers, government officials and community groups.