NMA Members Education and Compliance:

NMA sets aside a portion of its funds to provide tools and help educate its members in order to comply their business with local, state and federal laws and regulation. NMA’s success is the result of its members’ success.

NMA’s utmost goal is to protect and provide its members with the necessary signage and tools required by law to operate in compliance. NMA strives to provide relevant and timely information and resources to ensure all of its members are fully compliant in law and code. We also provide FREE ABC Lead Training in our offices once every quarter, exclusively for our members. In addition, we offer Anti-Money Laundering assistance in our office for those who cash checks, sell money orders, and wire money at deeply discounted rate. NMA works closely work with County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health (DEH) and make sure to stay updated and provide the information to its members to stay updated. We also offer ADA Compliance check list to assist NMA members and prevent any frivolous lawsuit from being filled in the first place.

We recognize the type of environment the NMA and its members are involved in at times. We must acknowledge the fact that there is a relatively high level of lawsuits affecting our industry. And non-compliance to ADA and DEH had mostly been the common factors. Because of this, NMA stress a lot on providing tools and takes all possible measures to educate its members, time to time, in the form of mass mail, email and seminars. We are partnered with multiple architectural and law firms to ensure that each of our members stay in compliance and can be protected when needed to be.

NMA, being a non-profit, doesn’t stop at its members and their businesses only, when it comes to education. NMA continues to support education and scholarship programs to support the youth.

Employee Handbook

The NMA’s latest membership benefit is customized Employee Handbook.
To protect each NMA member we are creating personalized Employee Handbooks. Using an advanced, customized Employee Handbook that complies with state and federal laws can help to avoid your business from lawsuits.

To request your customized Employee Handbook please fill out the Employee Handbook Request Form and email to NMA@neighborhoodmarket.org.

If you have questions please call NMA office at 619-313-4400.

The Voice of Family-Owned Businesses Magazine

The NMA’s periodic magazine is a great medium that connects our members to the industry and the communities they serve. The VOICE provides current updates on government legislation, industry trends, tools to enhance retailers’ daily operation, community and NMA events. It is also a great opportunity for our supplier members to connect with retailers and advertise their product and services.

The Voice of Family-Owned Businesses is a magazine full of news and features. You can read our magazine life by clicking online magazine below, or let us know if you would like to join our mailing list by contacting NMA office at 619-313-4400.

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