Christmas Toy Drive

Every year, just prior to Christmas we host our annual NMA Christmas Toy Drive. This is an event that holds a special place in the hearts of NMA members. San Diego has historically had a large population of Middle-Eastern, and particularly Chaldean immigrants. With such a large influx of refugees, there comes a greater requirement for assistance. When taking this into consideration, NMA has made it a point to raise thousands of toys for these immigrants. In addition to the Christmas toys, we also offer food, ice cream, and clothing.

We recognize what the “American Dream” stands for to millions of individuals outside of the United States. It was not long ago that many of our own members were in similar positions when first seeking refuge in America. The NMA is here to welcome our brothers and sisters with open hearts and minds. And despite contrarian belief, we are here to further strengthen the idea of the American Dream being both achievable and obtainable. The NMA Christmas Toy Giveaway is our way of letting these youth members know that they are never outside the reach of a hand. We are here for you.