The Neighborhood Market Association

Neighborhood Market Association (NMA) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation established in 1995 to empower family-owned businesses throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Our objectives are to provide representation with government agencies and elected officials, leverage the buying power of our members to receive better pricing on products and services, provide educational and compliance information, tools, community outreach and networking opportunities, and support to our members in order to improve their quality of life and facilitate prosperity in the neighborhoods they serve

NMA strongly believes that family-owned businesses are the cornerstones of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Neighborhood Market Association is committed to:

  • Saving our members money
  • Protecting their Interests
  • Helping them to be in compliance
  • Providing them networking opportunities to succeed
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Our Happy Member Review

  • Client Image

    ⠀I am proud to say that I have been a part of NMA since it was founded in 1995. NMA is truly an organization of people for people who work together for the success and the strength of its members.⠀

    • Nickie Heath
    • President at Nickie Heath Insurance Agency
  • Client Image

    ⠀The NMA is a crucial partner to all suppliers and independent businesses to enable their voices to be heard and to advance their interest through representation and education. NMA allows the family-owned business to be on the same footing as large corporate competitors

    • Al Paulus
    • President at Trepco West
  • Client Image

    ⠀It is exciting to finally have a group of professional business leaders at the forefront of the NMA who genuinely care about the business community and the economic growth for all

    • Chris Mclnermy
    • Owner of Emerald Spirits
  • Client Image

    ⠀It is an honor to be NMA Co-Founder and Past Executive Chairman and as retailer there are many challenges we face every day running our businesses. The NMA helps me and my family to overcome these challenges and I can’t imagine our success without the NMA ⠀  

    • Basil Raffo
    • Owner of To Market To Market

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