Retailer Membership

Retailer Membership

Our retailers have been the foundations for this association since its inception. NMA prides itself on the standard that our retailers set. This standard is propagated through quality service towards the customer and community involvement.

Our retailers are not simply concerned by margin of profit, but by the well being of the community. Because we believe that if our retailers help the immediate area develop and grow, financial success will take care of itself. We seek to help facilitate our member retailer’s long-term development.

Below is information on how we Protect, Serve, and Save our members money.

Government Relations

NMA believes in protecting and serving the interests of our retailers through relations with government on a local, state, and nationwide level. We represent the independent stores who’s clout cannot readily be served in terms of favorable legislation.Individually, the influence of retailers is fractured and without the strength necessary to push for fundamental change and benefits in the government. But collectively the influence of our retailers is immeasurable.

We lead a sleepless battle against obtrusive taxes, local ordinances that hurt our members, and for beneficial legislation. To gain better insight as to our governmental relations, how to help, and our current victories and battles, please join us.

Vendor Programs

It is imperative for the growth of both retailer and NMA to foster a more competitive business environment between our independent retailers and larger stores or chains. We believe an integral balance must be struck between independent owners and big box stores. Any attempts to overtake members of NMA will be met with swift response by our resources readily available.

We work on developing personalized programs with vendors that assist in saving money, and strengthening competitiveness. NMA has been nationally recognized as one of the top buying groups for the money saving programs our members participate in. NMA sets itself apart from other competitors in that we work together, in conjunction with our members in saving them money and increasing their professional competitiveness. For more information on our programs and how to take advantage of them, join us.


Protection for our members is key for the success of individual retailers. We grant members with all the necessary signage and paperwork required by law to operate. NMA takes pride in knowing that all of our members are fully compliant in law and code. We also provide FREE ABC Lead Training in our offices once every quarter exclusively for our members. In addition, we offer Anti-Money Laundering assistance in our office for those who cash checks, sell money orders, and wire money.

We recognize the type of environment the NMA is involved in at times. We must acknowledge the fact that there is a relatively high level of lawsuits affecting our industry. Because of this, we have partnered with multiple architectural firms and law firms to ensure that each of our members is in compliance. We also offer ADA Compliance, full store analysis, and A to Z plans of execution to put all stores up to code.

Community Outreach

NMA takes pride in the role that our members have with the community. It is of paramount importance within this organization to make sure that our members have an understanding as to the issues facing our close knit body of businesses. Our work does not stop at NMA member stores. We provide outreach in various forms to the local communities surrounding members businesses.

We donate and participate in many walks, luncheons, fundraising events and programs throughout the community. We also provide our members with the most pertinent of information through emails, phone calls, and organization sponsored events.

Our website is the largest facilitator of the disbursement of information as we regularly update it with the newest information on our members, recalls, ABC laws and requirements, and news around your city. Additionally, a trimester magazine is sent to every one of our member, as well as a yearly calendar. Any questions or inquiries about our community outreach can be made with a call to our office.


NMA events provide a great chance for us to become better acquainted with our members. It is also an opportune time for retailers to make vital connections to strengthen their business. We like to think of ourselves as less of an association, and more like a family of businesses.

NMA strives to have an event just about every month. This includes two annual golf tournaments along with tasting events held in three of our main California counties. Our annual tradeshow each summer is one of the NMA’s largest events right after our Statewide Banquet held at the beginning of each year.

Our banquet is a reminder of the accomplishments made throughout the year, and a chance to hear from some of our top retailers and influential members in the local and state government. Our NMA sponsored events testify to the relationships we hope to build with every one of our members. It is with face-to-face experiences and events we hope to build upon the bond we make with business.

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