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NMA Government Relations

People Over Profits

The key objective of Neighborhood Market Association is to advance and protect the interests of our Retailer Members and the Food and Beverage Industry. NMA pushes for legislation that works positively for our members. We understand the level of difficulty that comes with being a small business owner. This challenge is only heightened when our countries economic climate is not particularly strong. In this economy it takes a bit of finesse and backbone to see that your needs are met in the government. Which is why NMA has a staff of government relations experts who work diligently to ensure that the legislature, and your locally elected officials keep these interests in mind when enacting measures. We realize that it is small business that drives our nations economy. These businesses provide jobs for the public and development within the community. The good of America as a whole cannot be met without the good of our business owners being recognized.

NMA provides legislative advocacy on key local issues and the state legislature. When it becomes known that a measure will impact our industry we will either defend or press against it relentlessly. NMA has a proven track record of promoting and protecting the interests of independent grocers, convenience store owners, and our partnered vendors through NMA’s government Relations Program. We place our members interests in the highest regard. We see to it that they are granted a voice within local, state, and national affairs so that they may continue to grow and succeed. NMA is and will continue to be the voice of independent grocers.

We establish close working partnerships with professional advocacy and lobbyist groups to analyze, monitor and sponsor relevant legislation. And when such information regarding key issues becomes available to us, we make sure to pass it along to all of our members.

We need to look no further then this year to see what bills NMA has successfully fought and supported. All of which had significant impact upon our industry. Below, you will find the main areas of focus for the 2017 policy victories. For a detailed summary, please click on the heading.

Additional Legislative Victories

NMA members are potentially affected by hundreds of bills introduced every year by lawmakers. Our Government Relations Experts pride themselves on being able to prioritize and focus on that which impacts our members the most. For more information on the Neighborhood Market Association’s legislative activities, or to become involved, please contact the NMA office.

 NMA a Tobacco Free Association!

The NMA has been proactive in taking measures against the influence of tobacco products in members stores and the communities that they serve. In 2016, the NMA leadership officially declared the association to be a, “tobacco-free organization.” The NMA disallowed any financial contributions or commitments by tobacco organizations, and called upon all member stores to decrease sales of tobacco products. While the decision was met harshly by a small minority of NMA members, the changes to NMA policy were well received by the greater public. The NMA now stands as a tobacco free association, and further cements themselves as a progressive association whose intent is solely on serving the NMA community.

NMA Supports a Raise in the Minimum Wage

In 2016, the NMA made headlines by becoming the first small business association in the United States to support a raise in the minimum wage nationally and for the City of San Diego.  The decision came amidst serious deliberation from the NMA leadership. Ultimately, the move was seen as positive in that it would help to strengthen the communities that NMA members served.  Currently, the NMA stands as one of the strongest associations in support of a raised wage throughout the country.

NMA Stand With a Plastic Bag Ban

The NMA has long been a green association supporting the protection of our environment and the beautiful landscape of San Diego where we are headquartered.  When news of a ban on plastic bags occurred, the NMA announced their support of the ban despite some concerns over costs to consumers. In 2015, the NMA officially announced their approval of a plastic bag ban for the citizens of San Diego, and California.

NMA Against Processed Meats

After reports of the cancerous effects of processed meats on the human body, the NMA took a vocal stand against the sale of processed meats in their member stores. The NMA was the first small business association in the country to actively oppose the sale of processed meats. In 2016, NMA began to enforce strict guidelines regarding the sale of processed meats to ensure that the citizens we serve were properly and adequately protected.

NMA Against Powdered Alcohol and Synthetic Marijuana

The Neighborhood Market Association received national plaudits for their efforts made in banning the sale of synthetic marijuana and powdered alcohol from their member stores. The NMA actively joined with leading elected officials as well as the San Diego District Attorney’s office to vehemently disapprove of the sale of these products. The NMA placed a directive to indefinitely ban any member stores caught selling these products on their shelves. Once again, the NMA was the first association in the nation to take such a bold stance on either of these items. The policy implementation in the NMA reflected the NMA’s mission in placing the interests of people before profits.

NMA Commitment to Refugee Rights

The NMA serves as a prominent association for many individuals of Middle-Eastern decent throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Given the rise of ISIS and Islamic extremism in countries like Iraq and Syria, the NMA has made strides to ensure that new refugees to the United States are protected. In 2017, the NMA declared themselves to be a, “sanctuary association,” that would provide jobs and job training to refugees displaced by ISIS.  The decision by NMA leadership also comes  in the thickets of extreme anti-immigration rhetoric by individuals like President Trump. The NMA’s bold decision in response to the President Trump’s Administration policies reflects the NMA’s willingness to not simply better small business, but also to strengthen the lives of the most disadvantaged of citizens around the globe.



The Neighborhood Market Association’s Political Action Committee is our industry’s voice in the political process. We stand witness to the ever growing relationship between private PAC’s and the institution of government. NMA receives numerous requests each week for donations from campaign committees of state lawmakers and candidates for state office. It is imperitive that we support candidates who understand and promote the interests of the independent grocery and convenience store industry.  We need to support elected officials who understand the issues and problems facing our members.

The NMA PAC cannot respond to these requests if the PAC account does not have proper backing. The NMA PAC allows retailers’ voices’ to be heard when laws that affect them are being considered by the legislature.  We have that every NMA member contributes in some form to the PAC as it’s success is largely related to the growth of our members. All donations to the NMA PAC are used solely for candidates.  None of the money is used for administrative costs.  We need your continued support so that we can continue to battle legislative issues that affect your bottom line.

Please contribute funds to the PAC by sending a check made payable to “NMA PAC” to our main office at:

750 B Street, Suite 2340
San Diego, CA 92101

Any amount will help.  For more information, feel free to call us at 619-464-8485.