Community Involvement

NMA Community Involvement

The Neighborhood Market Association is dedicated to the well being of not only our members, but the public at large. We have a responsibility as a non-profit organization, and as members of the community to assist in the betterment of groups and individuals around us.

What we must not forget is that the suffering of man is very rarely an incurable condition. With this in mind, the NMA actively seeks to confront the problems facing members of our community. Whether it is attending fundraising events, partnering with charitable groups, or participating in philanthropic activities, NMA spares no expense when looking to develop the lives of those around us.

We know that while our assistance may only be a small bit of progress for issues that are incredibly large and complex, it is progression nonetheless. The NMA only hopes to make a difference in the community we serve. Below you will find some of the work we do throughout the community. Please, if you would like to make an inquiry as to potential charitable work, we encourage you to contact NMA.

Neighborhood Market Association Foundation

We use the Neighborhood Market Association Foundation as the means by which we partner with various charities. NMA sets aside a large portion of our funds to assist various philanthropic efforts predominantly around San Diego County. The NMA is in an incredibly fortunate position; a position where we are able to both fund and support various institutions devoted to the betterment of others. It is within the capability of all men, woman, and organization’s to not simply be concerned with profits or success, but rather, the growth of the communities they are immersed in. The NMA Foundation is the medium utilized for the purposes of benefiting those areas we are most heavily involved with.

NMA Christmas Toy Giveaway

Every year, just prior to Christmas we host our annual NMA Christmas Toy Drive. This is an event that holds a special place in the hearts of NMA members. San Diego has historically had a large population of Middle-Eastern, and particularly Chaldean immigrants. With such a large influx of refugees, there comes a greater requirement for assistance. When taking this into consideration, NMA has made it a point to raise thousands of toys for these immigrants. In addition to the Christmas toys, we also offer food, ice cream, and clothing.

We recognize what the “American Dream” stands for to millions of individuals outside of the United States. It was not long ago that many of our own members were in similar positions when first seeking refuge in America. The NMA is here to welcome our brothers and sisters with open hearts and minds. And despite contrarian belief, we are here to further strengthen the idea of the American Dream being both achievable and obtainable. The NMA Christmas Toy Giveaway is our way of letting these youth members know that they are never outside the reach of a hand. We are here for you.

NMA Scholarship

The Neighborhood Market Association understands the fundamental role that education plays in the growth of our community. With this in mind, we offer scholarship opportunities for members of our youth involved in some capacity with the NMA. The youth serve as building blocks for our future. They are our prospective members, employees, employers, and leaders. This is why we do not consider the NMA Scholarship as simply an act of aid, but of investment.

We personally select all of our recipients by their personal achievements, and the potential for them to show some level of return after their time in college. This scholarship arose out of need. Currently, the cost of college is at incredibly high levels. It has become harder then ever for the typical parents and/or student to pay for school without incurring massive debt. The NMA Scholarship is our realization of the fact that there are potential students who may never see a university, not because of academics, but because of cost. This scholarship works to help ease the burden on our students and parents so that they can afford the education they deserve. To learn more about our scholarship offered please contact the NMA office.

Annual Chaldean Youth Barbeque & Gathering

The Neighborhood Market Association has partnered with the Chaldean Media Center to help create an event for the various Middle-Eastern youth throughout San Diego County. We like to think of this date as a reiteration of our commitment to the strengthening of San Diego’s Chaldean youth. On May 22, we will host a Barbeque that includes a t-shirt, food, music, and free entry into a raffle. This gathering will be held outside, in the parking lot of St. Peter’s Chaldean Cathedral. For tickets to this occasion simply call the NMA office.

Here are just a few of the groups we have partnered with to help strengthen our community:

  • Latino American Political Association (LAPA)
  • SD County District Attorney’s Association
  • Southern California Gang Conference (SCGC)
  • St. Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Cathedral
  • St. Michael’s Chaldean Catholic Church
  • Seminary of Mar Abba the Great
  • Workers of the Vineyard
  • Innovation Media Group
  • San Diego Police Officers Association (SDPOA)
  • National City Chamber of Comers
  • San Diego County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA)
  • Chula Vista Police Officers Association (CVPOA)
  • San Diego Crime Stoppers
  • California Restaurant Association (CRA)
  • Kaldu Media Center
  • STAR/PAL- United for Youth